How Evalua8 approaches crypto bookkeeping

We shared our checklist of tips and tricks while doing crypto accounting in our blog post – Crypto bookkeeping – our unmissable 6-point checklist

We have taken this a little further and shared a video that explains what we mean by our unmissable checklist. These processes have been iterated by Evalua8 over a period of three years. Hopefully this video can drive the methodology home better.

In summary our checklist says,


Point 1 – Don’t overhaul your legacy software like Xero and Quickbooks straight away


Point 2 – Supporting documents and audit trail are important and needs care


Point 3 – Transactions should be set to deduct the correct VAT % at source for UK companies


Point 4 – Have an understanding of crypto specific events such as forks and airdrops


Point 5 – Keep track of blockchain and transaction charges


Point 6 – Conduct periodic internal reviews


Happy listening!

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