Specialised accounting for SaaS, Web3, and crypto innovators

We merge deep industry knowledge with cutting-edge financial strategies to provide clear, compliant, and strategic financial management tailored specifically for SaaS, Web3, and crypto businesses.


Our services demystify the complexities of your sector

At EVALUA8, we are dedicated to making financial management straightforward and effective for SaaS, web3, and crypto businesses. By handling the complexities of accounting and compliance, we free up your time to focus on your core operations. Our goal is to provide you with constant financial clarity and confidence, allowing you to make informed decisions and drive your business forward. Trust us to simplify your financial processes, so you can concentrate on what you do best—innovating and growing your business.


Accelerating SaaS success through advanced financial management

With EVALUA8, SaaS companies gain a financial partner adept at navigating the subscription-based business model and its unique financial challenges. We offer precise revenue recognition, cash flow optimisation, and actionable financial insights that enable you to scale swiftly and sustainably while maintaining financial health.


Empowering Web3 companies with strategic financial insights

We understand the revolutionary impact of blockchain technology and provide financial services that ensure your web3 initiatives are built on a solid financial foundation. We support your projects with strategic insights into all aspects of your finances as well as maintaining regulatory compliance, ensuring you stay ahead in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.


Securing crypto enterprise with expert financial solutions​

EVALUA8 delivers expert financial solutions tailored to the volatile and complex nature of the cryptocurrency market. From risk management to transaction tracking and tax optimisation, we ensure your crypto operations are efficient, compliant, and poised for growth, giving you the clarity and confidence to drive forward.


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Our team of experienced accountants and financial strategists bring decades of combined knowledge in finance for the SaaS, Web3, and crypto sectors.


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EVALUA8 helps you address your unique financial challenges, giving you the clarity you need to focus on driving innovation forward and expanding into new markets.